Board of directors

Board of directors

Les Maraudeurs Inc. (13-760)


Bruno Picard, President and Director of Communications

Secretary (vacant)

Vice-President Duhamel (vacant)

Jacques Bisson, Director Trail Signage and Security

Yolande Broué, Treasurer 

Jacques Côté, Director - infrastructures

Gilbert Brosseau, Director

Micheline Filion, Director

Vice-President Lac-des-Plages (vacant)

Alain Martel, Trail Signage Officer Lac-des-Plages

Stéphane Jean,  Director at Lac-des-Plages

Yvon Levac, Director Mechanical Maintenance  Pisten Bully 

André Laramée, Vice-President La Minerve

Jacques Lemire, Trail Signage Officer La Minerve

Last updated May 23, 2020