Civism and Security

Responsible snowmobiler

Civism and security


We can practise our winter activity because hundreds of landowners through the province allow Snowmobilers’ clubs to circulate on their property. The minimum which we can and have to do to express our gratitude to these owners is to respect some basic rules in particular by staying in paths, by respecting speed limits and the environment, and by reducing at the most the noise near inhabited zones.


Snowmobiling is a motorized sport and as any motorized sport caution is required:

  • Avoid consuming alcohol and other drugs,
  • Always keep right on trail (particularly when it is impossible to see vehicles coming your way)
  • Respect speed limits at all times
  • Reduce speed on narrow paths,  curves and in areas where the fauna is present
  • Use hand signals approved by the Canadian Council of Snowmobiles Organizations ( CCOM) (see https: // / for a description of these signals)
  • Help snowmobilers in difficulty on the trails
  • Inform close friends of your plans especially when you ride alone
  • Have a mobile phone with you and
  • Abide by the law at all times


Deers are very many on our territory, they are  in a way part of our trademark. They use snowmobile trails a lot because they are hardened and deers can move there more easily than in the forest in search for food and  water. In our region, deers are without fear of the inhabitants and they are used to the presence of snowmobiles. They are not frightened and, on the contrary, they are often curious when we approach them. It is thus necessary to be very cautious in the areas where these animals are present, to approach them at low speed in order not to frighthen them and by leaving them enough time to jump out of the trail in complete safety. Also note that wild turkeys are more and more numerous on our territory. It is also possible to see a moose from time to time.